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Twinko is described as a thick-furred, pale gray tom with

darker flecks, dark blue eyes and a torn ear. In most fandom of Scourge x Ashfur he is drawn as the "twinko."


Twinko and Bearo's relationship is in the eye of the beholder. Most people draw Twinko/paw as being very scared and shy around Bearo. Others draw him as being very loving, and loyal. Twinko/paw seems to be very protective of Bearo, just as he is with Squirrelflight.


A couple of people have jokingly made fake Bearo and Twinko kits. Most if not all of them have flecks, and are male.
CE What If by Pokelily

Unnamed Kit

Unnamed Twinko: Not much is known about him. He was made for a contest. He is a dark grey hit, with a distinct lighter grey pattern, white paw, black tail-tip and blue eyes.

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Snakekit and Rexkit

Twinkokit: Twinkokit is a light gray tom, with darker gray flecks and tail. Not much is known about him, except that he has a younger brother named Rexkit.

Bearokit: Twinkokit's younger brother. He is a dark gray tom, with lighter flecks and blind in one eye. He is described by his creator as: anti-social, shy, and fearful.

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Otteroclaw: Baneclaw is a dark grey tom with darker flecks, a white chest and tail tip, grey collar and dark blue eyes. He is proud, confident, yet quiet and withdrawn.


Mother: Brindleface

Sister: Ferncloud

Mate: Scourge (in fandom)

Aunt: Frostfur

Uncles: Ravenpaw, Dustpelt

Grandmother: Robinwing

Grandfather: Fuzzypelt