Toxic by tigga jones-d30fllw

Baneclaw is a fanmade lovechild of Ashfur and Scourge made by Tigga-Jones on Deviantart. He is a dark gray tom with darker grey spots and blue eyes. He has a light grey chest, and tail-tip, and he wears a grey collar.


As a kit, he was very eager to please. Like most kits, he was adventerous and playful. As he grew up he withdrew a little bit. He became a bit more anti-social, and prefered to be by himself. As a full-grown adult, he became rather quiet, yet proud. He was well-respected, and had a warmth about himself.


It is hinted at that Whitewing is not actually Scourge's mother, but his mother is actually Ashfur. He was made an apprentince at six moons of age. His mentor was Brambleclaw, and he treated Banepaw harshly as he disliked Ashfur, his mother.

When he was an apprentice, he fell from a tree while training and broke his leg. The injury kept him in the medicine cat's den for three months, and severely delayed his training. A couple moons after contiuning training he recieved his warrior name.

After recieving his warrior name, he began a friendship with a cat named Snowfeather. It wasn't too much longer until Snowfeather was heavy with kits. She bore him four healthy kits.


Mothers: Whitewing (adopted), Ashfur

Father: Scourge

Sisters: Longtail, Thistlefur

Mate: Snowfeather

Kits: Duskkit, Brightkit, Snakekit, Dapplekit.

Aunts: Ruby, Ferncloud, Princess, Galestripe

Uncle: Socks,firestar(half-uncle)

Grand-mothers: Brindleface, Brightheart, Quince.

Grand-fathers: Cloudtail, Jake.